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Axis Grande Collection

Bowie 1.0
From our premium collection, Bowie 1.0.
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Bowie 2.0
From our premium collection. Bowie 2.0
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Bowie 3.0
From our premium collection. Bowie 3.0
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Bowie 4.0
From our premium collection, Bowie 4.0.
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"This set was purchased as a Mother's Day gift. They arrived in plenty of time, and mom was tremendously impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. She said they're almost too pretty to use... almost. She said the balance is perfect and she doesn't think she'll have to worry about purchasing another set. This was a great purchase."


"I searched for knives for hours to buy my son for his birthday. Finally decided on this set. I believe it was a Tuesday, son's birthday on Thursday. Not even considering them arriving by his birthday, but somehow they did it. Not only did they arrive on his birthday but they are absolutely beautiful. My son made the comment that he hopes he doesn't lose a finger, he said he'd never had anything so sharp before. So the knives are a hit. Not only will I buy again from this store I am referring family and friends to y'all. Great work! Thank you so much!"


"This knife is really nice quality and is absolutely beautiful. Just what I was looking for. Great kitchen tool!
Great customer service as well. I initially ordered a knife that was too small because I misread the measurements. They were happy to refund my money, completely painless. Made it really easy to turn around a put it back into the store on another piece in the size I was looking for. Thank you for a great product and a great experience."

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