Chef Knife Set (4 pieces)
Chef Knife Set (4 pieces)
Chef Knife Set (4 pieces)
Chef Knife Set (4 pieces)
Chef Knife Set (4 pieces)
Chef Knife Set (4 pieces)
Chef Knife Set (4 pieces)

Chef Knife Set (4 pieces)

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⚫ Blade Material: 12c27 Stainless Steel
⚫ Handle Material: Micarta Wood and Stainless Steel Bolster.


⚫ Store the product in a dry place with no moisture.
⚫ Damascus steel should be lubricated (with coconut oil) and kept that way but placed in a dry area.
⚫ If rust occurs, clean the knife with a mixture of vinegar and lime. Re-coat with coconut oil.


⚫ Be cautious while removing the product from the packaging.
⚫ Keep fingers clear of blades.
⚫ Keep away from children.


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